Courtney + Brian I Married

A beautiful winter wedding, with a windchill of -15 degrees.  Courtney and Brian get the award for the coldest wedding we’ve ever shot, and the most unique reception decor!  It was absolutely gorgeous and we were so honored to be a part of this childhood friends wedding day.BLOG LAYOUT 201511BLOG LAYOUT 201512BLOG LAYOUT 201513BLOG LAYOUT 201514BLOG LAYOUT 201515 BLOG LAYOUT 2015BLOG LAYOUT 201517BLOG LAYOUT 201518BLOG LAYOUT 201519BLOG LAYOUT 201520BLOG LAYOUT 201521BLOG LAYOUT 201522BLOG LAYOUT 201523BLOG LAYOUT 201524BLOG LAYOUT 201525BLOG LAYOUT 201526BLOG LAYOUT 201527BLOG LAYOUT 201528BLOG LAYOUT 201529BLOG LAYOUT 201530BLOG LAYOUT 201531BLOG LAYOUT 201532BLOG LAYOUT 201533BLOG LAYOUT 201534BLOG LAYOUT 201535BLOG LAYOUT 201536BLOG LAYOUT 201537BLOG LAYOUT 201538BLOG LAYOUT 201539BLOG LAYOUT 201540BLOG LAYOUT 201541BLOG LAYOUT 201542BLOG LAYOUT 201543BLOG LAYOUT 201544BLOG LAYOUT 201545BLOG LAYOUT 201546BLOG LAYOUT 201547BLOG LAYOUT 201548BLOG LAYOUT 201549BLOG LAYOUT 201550BLOG LAYOUT 201551BLOG LAYOUT 201552BLOG LAYOUT 201553BLOG LAYOUT 201554BLOG LAYOUT 201555BLOG LAYOUT 201556BLOG LAYOUT 201557BLOG LAYOUT 201558BLOG LAYOUT 201559BLOG LAYOUT 201560BLOG LAYOUT 201561