CJ + Jarryd

We are super excited to share this wedding with you. CJ and Jarryd are definitely a lovely pair! As we’ve been working on your images, we keep reminiscing about how perfect your wedding day was and how sweet of a couple you truly are (smiles all around). Your wedding was a joyous celebration of love and a LOT of fun was had by all. We were blown away in more than one way … with absolutely crazy wind gusts, a paradisiacal setting, and fabulous family and friends. Wedding day photography doesn’t get any better than that. Jarryd and CJ share a love for travel and incorporated it into the theme of their wedding.  As a matter of fact, CJ & Jarryd have spent the last several months living in Australia. You are so blessed to have each other and to be able to share life’s adventures together. We wish you both a lifetime of  all the love you deserve, happiness, and many more worldly adventures.
CJ wore her grandmas original wedding shoes. So sweet! We love the specialness and uniqueness each wedding brings.This ‘guestbook’ map will make a very special piece of artwork for their home! Such an awesome idea.
There is something about the vintage feel of this image that draws us in to it. Love it.A food buffet doesn’t get better than this. With food buffets from 6 countries, all we can say is AMAZING! Their pictures and travel stories above the food was pure genius!
Jarryd’s sweet aunt and uncle were so generous to let CJ and Jarryd have their wedding at their beautiful home. The setting was perfect for this splendid event.Out of the way On the Fritz, Jarryd and CJ are up! Seriously, such a blast and true talent 🙂