two photographers = two perspectives …always

While working on this engagement session, I came across these two images, which I chose to edit because I think they are gorgeous. When I realized they were taken by Kelsey and me at the exact same time, I knew a blog post was in order. These images are a perfect example of why shooting as a team is so fabulous.

Not only is shooting together an absolute blast, but it also allows us to create images from two unique perspectives and the opportunity to get creative – while taking these two images, Kelsey had a portrait lens on her camera, letting me know that she was getting the images we need, so I decided to have some fun utilizing our tilt-shift lens. How awesome is that? To our advantage, during photo sessions we never have the same lenses on our cameras and the imagery we each achieve is entirely different and makes for an abundance of variety. We love creating images together!

More images to come soon, Sandi and Ryan. Enjoy your sneak peek!